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Solid State Technology

SST kit

This no-electricity biodisk scalar technology utilizes molecular spin + functional geometry which translates to information the body uses, then can heal itself at a much quicker rate, remain healthier and more coherent between all systems of function.

The Solid State Technology is a non-invasive set of hardware that are light-weight, placed on various parts of the human body's energy systems, using scalar waves.
There are no needlesno forced body positions, and no electronics involved when using the SST for restoring Body Coherence.


Eliminate frequency, vibration & emotion interference patterns from all organs and systems in the body that block functionality to your DNA-Energy template using the SST.

Examples of some Benefits with the Body Coherence Protocol using SST

  • Greater results than Body Code, Emotion Code, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Healy, Spooky2, Rife machine, or other healing modalities alone and works GREAT in tandem with any of them.

  • Balance entire and all energy systems including all chakras & meridians

  • Boost your immune system coherence

  • No longer will your body ignore bad pathogens that it once did, undoing all of pathogen cloaking biofilm

  • Boost your gut micro-biom coherence

  • Neutralize and chelate the body of heavy metals, unhealthy chemicals, viruses, viral debris, and all toxins

  • Neutralize frequency, vibrational & emotional interference patterns on all organs and systems in the body that block functionality to your DNA energy template

  • Restore coherence of all organs and systems in the body

  • One and done session, with optional addendums

  • Free your body's potential in a little over an hour!

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