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Natural Action Structured Water Products

What is Structured Water?

How Do Natural Action Units Work?

Are these water filters and do they have any moving parts?

No, Natural Action structured water units are not filters and have no moving parts. The water spins in multi-vortex patterns and structures itself through that multi-vortex motion, just like nature does this (ie- water flowing down a mountain across rock surfaces). This gives water a greater life-force bio-field (thanks to GDV camera evidence) and hydration efficiency factor (thanks to many plant and biological experiments) among other benefits. See our Science section for more information.

Does structured water neutralize toxins?

There is great evidence to support significant reduction in toxic effects within water that has been structured. It does not, however, remove anything directly from the water (not a filter). The work of Andreas Schultz explains in great detail what is happening. Since toxicity is only related to the amount, it is too broad a term to make statements or claims upon. Schultz discovered through macro-crystal analysis that toxic energy was significantly mitigated with Natural Action structured water generators.

Is structured water a remedy for sickness?

No. Structured Water along with a healthy lifestyle is an excellent way to maintain health and heal. More and more practitioners are using SW in assistance to therapies and note increased effectiveness. Many users notice improvements in their regimen when SW is added to it.

How often does the device need serviced?

The portable unit can be placed in the dishwasher or soaked at regular intervals, depending on use. All other units require no service and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty (20 years).

How does the device work?

See the manufacturer video in our science section here: “How we structure water

What if the device doesn’t work to my expectations?

We offer a 90-day customer satisfaction money back guarantee. Simply return the unit for a full refund.

What type of drinking water should I use?

From our research, we believe the energetic signature is the most important aspect within the water. Our device deals with that aspect very well. Some people use tap and well water. Other people start with the highest quality water and then structure it. We encourage people in modern times to source the highest quality water they can afford and freshly structure it.

How long does structured water last?

There are many variables involved. It can last for months if not exposed to radiation. Freshly structured water is always best, taken closest from the device.

Does structured water protect against EMF’s?

All water is an excellent radiation shield. Structured water implies improved function, due to its increased order. Our device in particular is intended to enhance this function with specific design features. Putting more hexagonal water into the body helps ensure more hexagonal water is available for the inside and outside of cells. Hexagonal water surrounds healthy cells to help protect from radiations and physical toxins and pathogens.

What are the most common applications?

Most people use SW for health. It can be used anywhere there is water and most likely benefits will be seen. Humans, animals, plants and machines can benefit greatly.

Do you have installation instructions for the different units?

YES. Please see the corresponding PDF files for installation instructions.

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