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Bion+ Silver Water

ProOne® Water Filters

ProOne Water Filters

My Full Water Experience

"I had the opportunity to speak to the Wayback Water inventor, Dan Nelson first hand, to understand the science behind it. I knew then that it was certainly water that could and has afforded me a much more effective hydration process. Combined with a ProOne Countertop water filtration system, the one two combination has afforded quality water as well as remarkable hydration. One area I’ve noticed personally is with regenerative sleep. The other area I’ve noticed first hand is that I feel substantially less thirsty. I’ve also combined my daily Wayback Water regimen with Dr. Dean’s ReMag Magnesium, on Dan Nelson's (inventor: Wayback Water) recommendation. This combination has really helped in so many ways. In addition to this effective water hydration, I’ve also been able to experience two quantum body balance sessions using the SST (Solid State Technology) offered by Fractal Life Solutions. I can honestly say that SST Therapy is one of the most amazing advances in healing technology that afford healing and wellness with a positive, non-invasive process. Many thanks to BJ @ Fractal Life Solutions for the quality products. I say more importantly, thanks for sharing your expertise and wisdom to afford wellness not just for one but for many others including me."

~Mark Joselyn - Ft. Worth, TX

Why I upgraded my ProOne

"I have been using my #propur pitcher for a while & recently upgraded! So glad I did, even though we have a lot of spring water options where we are, at the moment we are in a hotel room so guess what, because of my Propur Traveler, we have clean drinking water! Thank you @the_fractal_life !”

Fractal Life Health Solutions

I switched to using a Propur for several reasons. First, BJ is one of my oldest & most adored friends. I know his heart & his mind, I know that he knows his stuff especially when it comes to water. He’s my #waterguru & I always want to #supportfriendsbusinesses. The price for a ProOne is totally affordable, especially considering it filters out 220 contaminants including #fluoride while keeping minerals intact! Whaaaat?! Adding #wayback takes things to a whole other level. ⚛️ You need to know about this... #ultimatehydration #cellularhydration #scalar #livingwater #fluoridefree #cleanwater #filtration #waterfiltration #proonewaterfilters #waterlove #fractallife #hydration #waterislife #nofluoride #prepared #prooneusa


~Crystal Love @ Regenerate with Love, Intuitive Healing - Denton, TX


Great Showerhead

"We received our shower head about a week ago. I instantly noticed a difference at how smooth the water felt. My wife had the same reaction and comments after she took a shower as well. We have also been using it to fill up containers for drinking water until we save up for a countertop unit. The water is fantastic. I have been drinking a lot more water, since only drinking water from this filter. I would recommend this to anyone health conscious as well as anyone who wants to have cleaner feeling skin.."

~Dave from Minnesota on 3/10/2019

Worked as Expected

"I don't like the smell of chlorine at all, so when we moved to a house with chlorinated and very hard water, I tried out a couple different shower filters. I first tried the Berkey one, then the Propur. Both worked wonderfully. They got rid of the chlorine odor completely, lasted about 6 months and then a little chlorine smell came back as it was time to replace them. We use other Propur filters for water filtration (they are the only ones I found that have filtration that covers radioactive particulates, which are common in desert water), so we stuck with the Propur shower filter in the end. We used our own showerhead with it, but I just recently tried out the showerhead that came with it, and it has a really nice spray for a low-water use showerhead. I really liked this product and recommend it to friends who want to have more pleasant and healthier showers. We've been using the Propur shower filter for two years now, and the filter is also easy to replace when it's time."

~Kim from Morongo Valley, CA on 12/27/2019

Impressive Pitcher

"I purchased the pitcher specifically for a 4 1/2 month relocation for my husband's job. My husband thought I was crazy for packing this pitcher for our move out of the country - but I never regretted bringing it along. I drink a lot of water and didn't want to risk it. Living in Michigan - and hearing about the Flint water crisis often - the last thing that I want to do is worry about what is in my water when we were abroad."

~Kristi from Michigan on 12/13/2018

It's Great
"Perfect for putting in your fridge. The infuser works great."

~Joshua Wilson from Port Angeles on 12/1/2017

Test Kit

"I purchased one of these, and then I bought a test kit. The results were excellent."

~Thomas from LAS VEGAS. on 1/7/2020

5-Star Review for Pitcher & Showerhead

"I absolutely love the Propur Filter Pitcher. I've never put fruit into it, but the filter takes my water that's so bad I can't water the plants with it and turns it into clean, pure, sweet-smelling water that my plants love. Thanks for a great product that does what it says it will do! (I bought mine from, which is where I learned about these products from.) The shower filter is easy to install and has great water pressure. The adjustable head is wonderful, too. Five stars for both products!"

~Maddie Lynn from Missoula, Montana on 1/23/2019

Bion+ Silver Water

Bion is simply amazing


Canadian Health authorities have warned the public that certain strains of the flu virus going around this year were not included in their vaccination programs. Unfortunately, my son was inflicted with what appeared to be one of the worst strains I have witnessed in recent memory. My son is only 14 years old and would generally be considered a fairly tough customer. But this particular strain of flu was certainly not your ordinary common cold. He was completely bedridden for a week and a half and didn't appear to be making any progress. His symptoms included a bad fever followed by chills, and accompanied with vomiting, severe coughing and a headache. It eventually became so painful for him to talk or cough that the child would break down in tears, just attempting to speak. Needless to say we were more than a little concerned and immediately visited our family doctor. The doctor informed us that this particular strain was one of the viruses overlooked by the Disease Control Board. Our doctor offered very little suggestions on how to combat this vicious bug, suggesting there was nothing we could do, prescribing typical cold remedies as a solution. We explained to him the medications he was suggesting had had little or no effect in assisting our son to combat the virus.

Upon arriving home that day, I suggested to my son to try a strong dose of Bion (1 oz. of concentrate in a 16 oz. Glass of water). Within 20 minutes of him drinking the Bion , he made visible and notable improvements. Within a two hour timeframe he was out of bed sitting in the living room watching TV with us, commenting that he's feeling much better. Both my daughter and my wife were skeptical refusing to drink the Bion as preventative maintenance to avoid contracting the virus. Consequently they both came down with the exact same flu symptoms and became very ill themselves. Once again, shortly after taking the Bion they both made noticeable improvements, commenting they were feeling much better. My youngest daughter and I started drinking it at the same time as my son, never contracting the virus at all, resulting in us becoming the house-holds caregivers for 3 days. My entire family is now thoroughly convinced that Bion made what was obviously (looking at my son) a dreadful strain of the flu much more manageable. I would like my letter to not only stand as a product testimonial, but a very strong recommendation that every family’s medicine cabinet should include a ready supply of Bion this winter. In my opinion there is absolutely nothing common about this cold. Here in Canada these viruses have resulted in several children's deaths. The chances of you or a member of your family contracting one of these many deadly viruses, predicted to be going around this winter is almost certain. It is entirely possible that your decision to stock this wonderful product in family medicine cabinet could result in saving a family members life, or even your own.
Yours truly, James O’Brien (250) 869-4994


I believe now that Bion water is a transforming product. I developed an infection in my right eye. I thought I cut my eye and my husband said it was full of puss. I cleaned it out but didn't treat it with anything at that time. Then in the middle of the night I woke up and my eye was swollen closed and I couldn't open it because it had dried puss holding it together. I then used a warm wet cloth to get my eye open and what I saw was a very red and bloodshot eyeball.

I got an eye dropper that I had in my kitchen and filled it with Bion solution and dropped two drops in my eye. When I woke up the next morning and looked at my eye. The puss and redness and swelling were gone and I was amazed! Thank you for developing this amazing product. -Rosetta


As we were evacuating our clinic, our town actually, due to a forest fire this last summer, my little finger was nearly cut off. It was only hanging on by the bone and bleeding so bad that I nearly went into shock. I desperately needed it to be stitched, but our whole town was being evacuated. Fortunately for me, I had received some Bion concentrate to test in my clinic, and I started soaking it in the Bion. Within 1 hr. the bleeding was under control and I butterflied it together and wrapped it in gauze soaked Bion. The next morning I woke up with no pain in that little finger. I kept the gauze soaked in the Bion and bandaged thereafter. In less than 10 days my little finger was completely healed-whole-full range of motion with nothing but a small faint scar on ONE side; which was the only evidence that I had even been injured. This is so dramatic to my staff and me that it is difficult to completely grasp if you hadn't seen it with your own eyes. Thank you so much! Dr. G.K.


As a follow-up to my testimony concerning Bion 3 and the toxic reaction to some immunizations I received as an adult-during the time I was struggling with the body, muscle, and knee aches and pains, I had a terrible anal itch. It was so bad that I was going through 1 whole tube of Preparation H every 2-3 days. Within a couple of weeks of starting the Bion that anal itch went away, and has not returned since. Boy, what a relief! -C.J.


I have suffered from chronic sinus headaches for most of my adult life; I’m 50 years old now. Miraculously since I’ve begun taking Bion mineral solution, I’ve had many days and nights now of no pain at all. I can honestly tell you, nothing I have ever done has had nearly the positive effect on my Sinus condition and I seem to be continuously improving. Thank you. -R.T


I had the fortunate experience of a personal visit of a member of your executive staff to my home. After much convincing by him, I agreed to try some Bion as a potential remedy for my chronic bronchitis. I’m very pleased to report that not only is my bronchitis completely gone, but I am feeling better than I can ever recall feeling after 20 years of continuous bronchitis.
What can I say but Thank You. -G.D.


As a result of several hepatitis vaccinations I started getting over all aches and pains, then started experiencing joint pains especially in my left knee. The pain became so severe I couldn't walk a quarter of a mile on level ground. After taking Bion for approximately one month, my knee pain has almost completely disappeared. This product has truly been an answer to my prayers.
Yours truly, C.J.


In 1992, I was diagnosed with a staph infection in my right kidney. The plan by doctors was to remove my kidney so that the infection would not affect my heart. Prior to surgery, I was given the opportunity to drink Bion, and after drinking less than one liter, the infection was cleared up, so I didn’t have to have the surgery. -C.N.


In late 1999, I was in and out of the VA Hospital suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. I had aches and pains and zero energy. I was introduced to Bion by some close friends. After taking the mineral solution for several months, I now have no symptoms and I’m as healthy as ever. -C.C.


I had to take my 18 month & 28 month old daughters to the emergency Medi-Center one Sunday morning last winter with 103 degree temperatures. I avoid taking them because my husband and I want to minimize the number of drugs our children receive. My husband came home from church with Bion mineral solution for the girls. I hadn’t filled the prescriptions yet – I wanted to believe in this new mineral solution – so decided to give it (the mineral solution) 24 hrs. Before filling the prescriptions, I gave the girls 1 oz. three times during that afternoon and evening. The next morning their fevers had broken – and within 2-3 more days they were fine. My husband and I are grateful that we didn’t have to fill those prescriptions. -A.T.


In fall 1998, I went to the doctor with symptoms such as joint pains and chronic fatigue. They performed a blood test and the results came back positive with Lupus. I was given a diet to follow, asking to remove all night shade vegetables from my diet to see if this could help relieve my joint pains. I was also given prescriptions for pain management. I tried the diet, but still had difficulty with the severe pain and fatigue.

A friend asked me to try Bion and see if it would help relieve the symptoms. I started drinking a quart a day for two weeks, and I started to feel better. I could finally sleep throughout the night, and my mornings were much easier now that I was able to get out of bed. After eight months of using Bion, I went back to the doctor for a blood test, and this time there was no sign of Lupus in the blood work. The doctor states that it is in remission, Bion did what no prescribed medication or diet could accomplish, and that was relieve my pain and fatigue. -L.C.


This is an amazing product. I was suffering from typhus in my left leg. I wrapped gauze around my leg and poured Bion onto the wrapping. Within 2 to 3 hours, the pain was gone, and that same day the infection was also gone. Thank you for this miracle mineral solution. T.C.


This is the best thing I have ever tried in my life. My blood was so full of yeast that I was in constant depression. I had no energy or appetite. It took three liters before I could feel a change in my condition. Thank you. -M.S.


Thank you very much for Bion . The cancer diagnosis was devastating. I had ovarian cancer and not much hope. My family and friends were amazed to hear that I was cancer-free after just three weeks of use. Thank you again. -M.S.R.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two months after this report was given to me, through a friend I met the inventor of Bion . We discussed the amount I should drink of this product. After six weeks of drinking Bion, I had another tissue study made and was extremely excited to hear the report that I was cancer clear. -K.D.


Thanks again for the opportunity to try Bion . Hepatitis C had my life in such a state of affairs. I could not function in my job or my social life. My liver enzymes were at their worst and my viral load was dangerously high. Now my liver is normal and the viral load is coming down. -B.L.


In 1989, after a three week trip to the jungles of South America, I was infected with acute Malaria. Within a 24 hour period of drinking Bion , I was over the symptoms and healthy as I could be. I have never had a reoccurrence of the virus. -W.B.


Thank you. After using Bion for one week, I was over bleeding gums of Gingivitis. I continue to drink and rinse my mouth to maintain good dental health. Thanks again. -G.M.


I have had hepatitis C for the last 14 years and am a single mom with 6 children. At this point my medical doctors want to do chemotherapy on me. A good friend of mine suggested Bion mineral water. I was so tired, no matter how much sleep I’d get; it was like I got no sleep at all. After 2 weeks of taking Bion twice a day every day I was getting up before the alarm went off and had plenty of energy for whatever came up that day. I now have no symptoms that tell me I have what I’ve been diagnosed with. I can’t wait to see what my next blood test in June says. -L.F.


I have been drinking the Bion for about 2 months now and I have noticed a significant change in my condition. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 1996. I have had internal pain for about 15 years now. It took the doctors many years to finally diagnose me after multiple visits to the emergency room, having constant pain and finally thinking that I was losing my mind. Once I was diagnosed, I had surgery and I was so disappointed that I still had pain. I went through years of trying every medication known to treat endometriosis and all I ended up with was side effects that were almost as bad if not worse than the endometriosis pain. I just decided that I was going to have to live with pain for the rest of my life and that's just how it was. My husband didn't like that choice and he wanted me to continue to find a solution. I had another surgery that didn't help, AGAIN. I contemplated having a hysterectomy but my husband really wanted a child. I have one miracle child and tried for 6 years to have another one. Still unsuccessful, but now I have hope. I kept my organs and I started drinking the Bion . I have much more energy now, I am exercising at the gym 5 days a week and I look and feel great! I still have pain with my monthly cycle but the pain I was experiencing on a daily basis is gone. My husband was so used to me being in pain all the time he still keeps asking me if I'm in pain and when I say no, I think he doesn't believe me. But I know that this is a miracle sent to me from God! And thank you for supplying the water for me and making my husband continue to get it for me. I will drink it for the rest of my life! And if there is anyone who reads this that has endometriosis, know that you are blessed and you don't need a Dr. to tell you he can't help you anymore, because all you need is God and Bion! -D.A.


After trimming some plants and reaching under them I noticed a bright red spot on my arm the size of a dime. I must have been bitten by a spider. The spot quickly grew to about the size of a quarter and then swelled up. I used a cotton ball dipped in Bion concentrate to wipe the wound down and then held it on the spot for about 5 minutes. Within an hour the swelling went down and the redness of the spot diminished. The next morning the spot had shrunk in size down to less than a dime and the redness was down too. I repeated the treatment every day for a week and now I can't even tell where the bite had been. Bion is truly amazing. -M.R.


I witnessed the dramatic healing power of Bion. Our neighbor said he couldn’t afford to go to Emergency and held up his left hand, wrapped in a filthy rag. He had been using a box cutter to open a package when the cutter slipped. The cut was down one finger and into the mid palm and was very deep. The wound had gone untended for a day. I cleaned the wound with tap water and created “butterfly” bandages from plastic bandages to hold his wound together, leaving air gaps in between bandages. I rinsed the wound in Bion and gave him about 16 ounces more for him to soak his hand as often as possible. I checked his hand over the next 10 days. The wound healed rapidly day by day, never showing redness, swelling, or infection. We visited him two months after his injury and I asked how his hand was doing. He looked at both of his hands, and then remembered that he had injured his left hand. There was no trace of a scar. -C.B.


When my husband cut his hand while assembling a lawn mower, his finger bled profusely, so I wrapped his finger in a clean paper towel, had him hold his finger up in the air, above his heart, and grabbed the Bion . I poured it directly into the wound and immediately the bleeding stopped!!! Within one day, the skin had bonded back together and within one week, there was no sign of that cut. He would have needed a couple of stitches, but Bion did the trick. -C.B.


We would like to be able to buy Bion ourselves to send to our sons. They both rely on it solely for all their illnesses. We believe in Bion above ALL other possible products. None of us have been to the Dr. in 5 years!! Thanks to you and your invention.
Thanks, N.J.

Super & Ultra Imploder

Fractal Water Ultra Imploder Water Energizer

unnamed (1).jpg

Everyone Wanted One!

"Everyone who tasted the water in Ohio tests... wanted one!"

~Joel from Ohio

Better Sleep!

“For years my wife had backache so bad she couldn't sleep at night now she slept all night with very little pain 3 nights in a row.”

~Joel from Ohio


Everyone loves it!

"I am now confident that I have the best water in Florida! Everyone loves it!" ~Egon in Florida

Wayback Water

Wayback Water

Tastes silky!

"The difference is vast between non-Wayback water and Wayback water. The texture is silky!" 
~Patron @ 2018 Conscious Media Festival, Austin, Texas

My Body Healed my Bruising and Sun Burns faster by using Wayback Water spray.

"This stuff works wonders topically. Imagine what it is doing for INSIDE your body if it helped my body heal my bruises and sun burns so quickly! It is ALL about the body healing itself. Wayback Water simply unblocks the energy blocks that occur from damage from sun or blunt force trauma.

Combine Wayback with your favorite after-sun lotions, after shower lotions, anti-wrinkle creams, CBD oils, and ANYTHING practically is enhanced dramatically (double time) combined with Wayback Water! In fact, I combined Bion+ and Wayback Water in my latest Fractal Life product Wound Warrior."
~BJ - Founder, The Fractal Life

Natural Action

Natural Action Structured Water

"My cramping went away within a few days... This is a game changer for me."

-Chris Singleton, former MLB Player


"I noticed my energy increased and I felt an inner power."

-Robbie Lawler, UFC Champion

Ranking #20, Robbie began drinking Structured Water and noticed an increase in energy, stamina and focus. 

He continued to Hydrate using the portable unit. He indicated that the Structured Water enabled him to leap into health and feel more in tune with his own presence!

He felt that the induction of Structured Water propelled him to new heights of focus and power! He stated that the feeling of well being conveyed a presence and energy which allowed him to achieve his dreams!

Clayton Nolte, added, the fact that he has tapped into the alignment of himself from the inside out, also increased his connection with the earth and opened that window of vision that we all have within us.


"I love, love, love my water unit!! In fact, I don't leave homewithout it! I have used all kinds of "conscious water" products and didn't feel any different. With this unit I noticed the effects within the first day. I felt like a deep exhaustion (that I didn't know was there) had left my body. That was just the beginning of the remarkable changes. One of the things the water filter does is structure the water so it embodies a photonic field, photonic fields dissipates positive and negative charges. Which means past emotional content disappears! Our bodies are 70% water, and for me, having my body being 70% photonic has made being and facilitating consciousness so much easier!
Also as each of us embody the photonic field of being we shift everything around us ir|to a photonic field for 1,000 feet! Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone were allowing themselves to relax into their being? Thank you Clayton and Natural Action Technologies! I'm truly grateful for the contribution to me and the world."

~Rikka Zimmerman,
Adventures In Oneness


"I have grown so fond and appreciative of these little yet remarkable and powerful devices. I can feel myself able to hold more light and manage the life adventures that show up with so much more grace and ease. Just drinking water allows my consciousness and evolution to grow while assisting in balancing my health. One of the coolest conscious raising products I own."

~Jennifer McLean,
Host of Healing With The Masters

This information is intended for educational purposes only.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.

Bion+ is a Dietary Supplement. These testimonials do not imply that similar results will happen with your use of our products. These testimonials are not intended to recommend any supplement as a drug, as a diagnosis for specific illnesses or conditions, nor as a product to eliminate diseases or other medical conditions or complications. We make no medical claims as to the benefits of any of our products to improve medical conditions.  

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