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Dr. Tom Cowan is a paradigm-shifting MD, asking simple why and how questions. He joins us here to discuss the new whys and hows of water. You cannot listen to this interview without hearing Literal Revelations about what water is doing inside our bodies. Dr. Cowan asked a lot of questions when he served as an ER doctor

part-time for 10 years, influence by his Peace Corps years in Swaziland, South Africa. His books, and we thank the stars he is a writer, have raised reconsiderations about numerous medical practices in favor of health care. The Hydration Foundation welcomes the opportunity to share his questions and to have him specifically speak about water, hydration, and especially the newly identified gel state of water, also known as structured water, liquid crystalline water, EZ water, or fourth phase water. You will never think of water as simply “wet” again. His take away recommendations are also a surprise that have nothing to do with 8 glasses a day.

Hydrate INSIDE your cells efficiently with Wayback Water!

Physics rule:
Only smaller groups of water molecules are allowed
to pass through the aquaporin channel.
Wayback Water changes your water to the smallest groups possible in physics.


No other water can do this.
Most water takes hour to days to hydrate INSIDE the cell.

How Cells Hydrate: Aquaporin Channels​

In the 1980s, Peter Agre, M.D, Professor of Biological Chemistry at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and his colleagues were searching for proteins that are part of the Rh factor. They soon discovered copious amounts of a much smaller unknown protein. Within a year, this protein was proven to be biology’s elusive cellular regulator of water transport.


They named these tiny protein channels aquaporins, and discovered that only single water molecules can pass through aquaporins. The rate of flow was calculated in the hundreds of millions of molecules per second, per channel. With hundreds, if not thousands of channels per cell, this equates to hundreds of billions of water molecules per second, per cell. These numbers provide a vivid perspective of the size of a water molecule and the amazing complexity of our cells.​

aquaporin channel

During the same period, Roderick MacKinnon, M.D., biophysicist, x-ray crystallographer, and professor at Rockefeller University, was also working with human cells. He documented how a class of proteins helps to generate nerve impulses. These proteins, called ion channels, are tiny pores that stud the surface of all of our cells. These channels allow the passage of mineral ions into the cell. Rapid-fire opening and closing of these channels releases ions, moving electrical impulses, from the brain to their destination in the body. This proves that water molecules and mineral ions have separate pathways into the cells.


Fifteen years after their discoveries, an enormous body of work by hundreds of medical researchers in universities around the world has not only validated these findings but has shown that virtually all life on this planet operates on the same principals of hydration, oxygenation, detoxification, and balancing the acid-alkaline ratio of their respective cells, i.e. water molecules must pass single-file through aquaporin channels, and water molecules and mineral ions have separate pathways into the cells.

In 2003, Dr. Agre and Dr. MacKinnon were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their respective contributions.

Water Physics & Wayback Water

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