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Learn about water properties, water memory, REAL hydration INSIDE the cell vs outside, how fluoride is added to water around the country, why fluoride is toxic for all life, and more!

What The Bleep Do We Know: Water Scene

Water Memory

Structured Water

Water: The Great Mystery

Water Memory

Water Physics & Wayback Water

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The Great Culling: Our Water

Discusses: Fluoride sourcing around the globe and health dangers for humans and all life on Earth.

Facts in this documentary

Fluoride does the following:

Inactivates 62 enzymes - Judd
Increases the aging process - Yiamouylannis
Increases the incidence of cancers and tumor growth up to 17% - Waldbott & Yiamouyl
Disrupts the immune system - Waldbott

Causes genetic damage - Tsutsul, et al.

Interupts DNA repair-enzyme activity - Waldbott

Increases arthritis and is a systemic poison

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