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Efficient Hydrating Water

Hydrate INSIDE your cells fast & efficiently!

Physics rule:
Only smaller groups of water molecules are allowed
to pass through the aquaporin channel.
Wayback Water changes your water to the smallest groups possible in physics.


No other water can do this.
Most water takes hour to days to hydrate INSIDE the cell.

Why does this matter?
Extremely efficient energetic (and physical) recovery from injury, toxification, & cell trauma.

Add 1 Tablespoon (1/2 oz) of WayBack Water to one gallon (use glass jar) of your best  purified spring or filtered water. 


16.9 FL. OZ. bottle = 33 gallons
That's under $1.21 / gallon of delicious hydrating water!


2 FL. OZ. bottle = 4 gallons

That's $2.50/gallon of delicious hydrating water, or use as topical application.