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Welcome Home Fractal Lifer!


Fractal Life brings cutting-edge products for the best Health and sustainable Life for you, your family, and pets.
I offer you the best products I have found deep researching and using since 2005.


FULL body health restoration & coherence
Best water filtration in the industry
Safe & effective detoxification
EMF & 5G Protection
Shungite products & jewelry

Proper intracellular hydration
Oxygenate, kill pathogens, immune boost
Anti-bruise, wound recovery

Geometric glass drinking bottles
Water structure devices



Hi! My name is BJ and I created Fractal Life in 2009 after researching since 2005. I am Reiki trained, Sacred and Functional Geometry studied, Water researched, and a Scalar body coherence technology educator, user, and technician. Welcome to my website!

Check out some findings in the top menu of research, science, education, and testimonies. Check my social media accounts for more weekly updates and articles!

-BJ White, Founder

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