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Fractal Water
Ultra Imploder Magnetic Water Energizer Science

Super Charged Water

The 'Ultra Imploder' water treatment device produces a measurable and validated effect on plant growth, seed germination success, and biomass yields. It is unique technology that combines a magnetic array with a directional nozzle. The Super Imploder device facilitates the bringing of required nutrients into plants by causing a de-clustering effect on water. The 'absorption efficiency effect' and 'redox potential' has produced independently validated measurements of approximately 328% plant growth increase along with biomass density.

The Super Imploder is based on phase conjugate HYDRODYNAMICS (liquid implosion) COMBINED with PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS.. where the LIKE or SIMILAR poles of the Magnets ATTRACT each other.

The extreme converging magnetic flux lines - create the centripetal inertia at the liquid molecular level - which creates the spin cycle of the wash machine - sorting by mass. Resulting in the increase molecular order and spin density.

What is the Science Behind The Super Imploder?

The science of water is becoming more complex and surprising all the time. It is not just a single homogenous substance that we have thought it to be. For example, water (H2O) has many varieties depending on which of the three hydrogen isotopes are involved, the size of the loosely held molecular groups called 'charge clusters', the frequencies both subtle and gross that can be imprinted on and held by water, and the way water is structured, etc. Water is an absolutely key ingredient in producing Life as we know it. The Fractal Field Company has developed technology, called The Super Imploder, which treats water to both support and enhance the Life Quality in seeds and plants. It has two parts; a phase conjugating magnetic part and a centripedal implosive part.

What is Phase Conjugation?

As modern physics is discovering, everything is composed of waves: matter, energy in all forms, all Life, you, me, everything. The Universe is awash in waves that for the most part interfere with each other in ways which diminish and cancel each other out. Phase Conjugation is a wave phenomenon whereby certain conditions, geometries and magnetic arrangements etc., cause waves to strengthen each other as they come together by adding and multiplying each other. All Life, in order to be at all, is characterized by phase conjugation of a certain sort. Through our research, we have identified principles, aspects and factors affecting the kinds of order that enhance Life and have developed a magnetic array technology that can be used to bring about favorable phase conjugation in water which supports Life. 

What is Centripedal Force?

In the fluid dynamics sense, centripedal force refers to the suction process that causes fluids to move inwards and towards the centre in a spiraling whirling path. It can be called a vortex and affects the nature of water in profound ways. The opposite of centripedal force is the familiar centrifugal force that we felt strongly as children hanging onto a spinning merry-go-round to avoid being spun off. Centripedal force is just as strong a force but acts towards the centre. Centripedal force as applied to water causes implosion which has profound effects on the nature of water. The Fractal Field Company's Imploder uses an intricately designed and precisely engineered nozzle to set up a centripedal force which causes implosion in water.


Science Background on Implosion

In general, implosion in a fractal field is the essential symmetry mechanism which creates gravity, color, life, perception, and all centripetal self-organizing forces. Some of the world’s leading physicists research and support these pioneering theories. (See references to the left)

  • Fractality used in math and physics is a well-known principle of infinite compression

  • This compressibility creates a centripetal force called implosion, which is related to the physics of phase conjugation

  • Phase conjugation is the perfect way for waves to meet and create fusion, and is idealized by the golden mean ratio

  • The golden mean proportion defines beauty, the geometry of all living proteins and plants, and is used for perfect constructive wave interference and wave compression.

  • We have discovered how to make a fractal electric field and how that becomes bio-active. We are the first to articulate the pure principles of how to MAKE a bioactive field, and to develop technologies from this science.

Implosion creates self-organization and therefore “Life” in 3 fundamental ways

  1. Phase conjugate optics is a very well understood field in physics. Creating order from chaos by fusion is well demonstrated and can be applied to other areas of scientific endeavor such as light, charge and magnetism.

  2. Phase conjugation dielectric creates "bioactive life" from a "fractal field" effect.
    To understand the principle - simply visualize waves of charge approaching each other from opposite directions by imagining the symmetry of TWO PINE CONES - screw ing in to each other tip to tip.
    In the center, the plasma implodes causing a centripetal and self-organization of its environment.

  3. The third principle way of self-organization applies the lessons of Phase Conjugate Optics to magnetism. Through this understanding this principle, like mag netic poles can be made to attract each other cre ating implosive magnetic forces. This is unique to our Implosion device.

Ultra Imploder device
Physics of The Imploder
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Golden Mathematics of Fusion / Implosion
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