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Achieve your own SST Body Coherence & Balance with your own set!

The 46 overlays are applied in different combinations and configurations to address energetic contributors to various human and animal health challenges. Ongoing research tends to vary and restructure the approach according to new insights and increased understanding of the needs of biologic systems. The various overlays are mathematically determined to create the mutually reciprocal geometry in 4 dimensional space which corresponds to the energetic analog of the information blueprint of living tissues.

A FULL Set of Solid State Technology includes: 46 overlays, 1 Microhexagonal Grid, 1 Plain BioDisk, 1 Purple Composite BioDisk, 1 Green Composite BioDisk, 1 Brass Plate (w/pockets installed), 1 Brass Hexagon, 1 Marvelous Marvin, 1 The Key, 1 Top Hat, 1 Brain Tuner, 1 Star of David Grid, 1 Broadcast Grid, & 1 Monatomic Iridium.
The set of SST does not include Electra Cute, Over Me or monatomic elements (DOES include Iridium).

SST Complete Body Coherence Set

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