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Zeolite + Humic/Fulvic + Monatomics + High-Spin Water
Top Detoxification Solution on Earth

ZeoHeal Zeolite Humic Fulvic Acid Wayback Water Lotus

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ZeoHeal contains:
Food Grade Humic Mineral Complex
Fulvic Acid
Volcanic Zeolite (Clinoptilolite)
Angstrom Colloid Blend

· 72 Trace Minerals
· Phyto-nutrients
· Macro-nutrients
· Micro-nutrients
· High-spin Water Quick A


ZeoHeal™: by the makers of our ultimate covalent-bonded, oxygen-silver solution - BIONAID™ Trioxysilver™ Professional - now bring you the ultimate heavy metal detoxifier with a unique liquid zeolite-fulvic acid compound for effective and safe deep tissue cleanse of all contaminants. It is the only liquid zeolite available that is an accelerated formula. Our liquid zeolite is in a high spin, monatomic state and removes fluoride from the body. Most other zeolite formulas can only claim to chelate - our accelerated, high-spin + monatomics, liquid zeolite is the only formula that chelates (detox) and clathrates (safe electrical caging of metals) to safely remove heavy metals. Also, our proprietary glacial water process features the most advanced system known to science and produces the best quality liquid zeolite available. ZeoHeal surpasses setbacks of other liquid-only zeolite products by adding the fulvic acid, minerals, monatomic minerals in a high-spin water base. In addition, the technologies used in Bionaid are also included in this product.
You may find it enlightening that Medical Research, information from the Journal of Applied Biomedicine, the effects of pH and Cancer, Studies on Humic/Fulvic Acids and a liquid zeolite study on autism, regarding zeolite and fulvic acid themselves combine outstanding results. Others claim to have the only product that removes
fluoride and aspartame. However, ZeoHeal does exactly this and more!