BION+™ Silver Ozone Solution

UPCOSH: Uniform Picoscalar Concentrated Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol


BION+ Silver Ozone
is the world's only Uniform Picoscalar Concentrated Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol™ (UPCOSH™)
The reason for noting silver in the branding is that silver is used in the NASA technology ultra-purification of the water base in the product.  The key factor is the covalent-bonding of enormous amounts of trioxide to the trace minerals (including trace silver) in our advanced reactor system, combined with super-hydrating, high-spin water and other proprietary technology that sets BION+™ apart from all other immune support products as the leader. Some try to copy it, use similar terms, etc., but only BION+™ is the most advanced hydrosol in the world.

Each Bionaid purchase comes with a sample of Wayback Water to upgrade your BION+ bottle(s).
Only add a few drops of Wayback Water to any Bion+ bottle.

This yields a massive increase in intracellular hydration factor -in other words- absorbability in the body!
Use a few drops per Bion+ bottle to increase potency and

*NOTE: Wayback Water is not associated with the BION+ product or brand.
Wayback Water is an upgrading and intracellular hydration mechanism for the BION+ product.