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F.A.Q. ZeoHeal

Zeolite + Humic/Fulvic + Monatomics + High-Spin Water
Top Detoxification Solution on Earth

Q: Do you have the ZeoHeal label with suggested use directions?

Q: What is the difference between humic and fulvic acid?

A: Leaf matter and other vegetation on the floors of ancient forests broke down and eventually, over eons of geological time, became a friable substance that's referred to as "humic ore." Along with humic minerals, this ore contains a precursor of fulvic acid. When you mix the humates with an alkaline water (around 10.5 pH), the minerals and fulvic molecules go into colloidal solution. This very dark brew of pure minerals and fulvic molecules is called "humic acid," but a better term would be "humic minerals," because the humic mineral solution is actually alkaline. However, if you acidify this humic solution (down to approximately 4.5 pH), a chemical reaction takes place where the dark humates drop out or precipitate, and what's left is the pure golden liquid we call fulvic acid. The moral is, all humic minerals contain fulvic acid, but fulvic acid does not contain humates. Fulvic acid is humic minerals with the humates removed.

Q: Some companies claim they add fulvic acid to their humic minerals, others say not to do this. What is the truth behind these claims?
A: You would not add fulvic acid to humic minerals because then the solution would separate. You can shake it, but it will not be stable, and the settled humates will become "clay-ey" and indigestible. That's how fulvic acid is made (see above), by adding acid (any kind, even fulvic) to humic minerals. Those who claim that their product contains humic and also fulvic acid are simply trying to get as many "buzzwords" as possible into their advertising. There is no such thing as a humic mineral solution that is not mostly fulvic acid!

Q: Some people claim that humic acid can contain mold and bacteria? Is this true?
A:Laboratory tests on humic minerals and fulvic acid have shown that they have powerful bactericidal, viricidal, and antifungal properties! Translation: This stuff kills pathological organisms! Our humic has been lab tested several times and nobody has ever been able to find any bacteria or mold in it. In fact, the scientist who supervises that part of our manufacturing process (and who has been working with humic and fulvic acid for more than 20 years!) has actually tried to culture mold in humic acid, but even in the laboratory on purpose he hasn't been able to do that. In fact, he is talking to us about marketing a spectrum of humic extract for use in water purification! So what about all those persistent rumors going around the web? They all seem to have been started by a couple folks who were trying to "corner the market" with a different product.

Q: How do I take BIONAID and ZEOHEAL products?
Take one teaspoon once or twice daily or mix 4oz (half of a bottle) in 1 gal of pure, natural drinking water and drink 2oz to 8oz per day - a general, daily maintenance supplementation. If you are feeling ill suddenly, double or triple this amount. If you are feeling severely ill suddenly or poisoned by a vaccine, call a medical professional immediately and consume up to an entire bottle immediately, undiluted, and drink at least 24 ounces of pure, natural water to flush out the toxins soon afterwards. It you have had a long-term illness, confer with a medical professional and start out with the general, daily maintenance supplementation and double the supplementation every three days, depending on how you are able to tolerate the detox symptoms, if any, until you are taking the product every two hours during the day until the sypmtoms are gone. If using both BIONAID
and ZeoHeal, alternate the products using Bionaid first, then ZeoHeal an hour later, and then Bionaid again an hour later, etc., repeating this process during waking hours until ill symptoms are gone. See a doctor for any medical concerns. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Take 1/2 teaspoon 3 times daily, undiluted or with 4oz of pure, natural drinking water - a general, daily maintenance supplementation. If you are feeling ill suddenly, double or triple this amount. If you are feeling severely ill suddenly or poisoned by a vaccine, call a medical professional immediately and consume up to an entire bottle immediately, undiluted, and drink at least 24 ounces of pure, natural water to flush out the toxins soon afterwards. It you have had a long-term illness, confer with a medical professional and start out with the general, daily maintenance supplementation and double the supplementation every three days, depending on how you are able to tolerate the detox symptoms, if any, until you are taking the product every two hours during the day until the symptoms are gone. See a doctor for any medical concerns. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Occasionally, UPCOSH products can be so effective that the immune system can not handle the rapid self-destruction of harmful microorganisms that cannot thrive in a body with clean, highly oxygenated water, especially when ozone (O3) is in the water. This excess of self-destruction of harmful microorganisms, should an excess of harmful microorganisms be present, could produce symptoms called Jarisch-Herxheimer effects (JHEs), more commonly called Herxheimer reactions. Symptoms can include mild to moderate headaches, joint pain, sweating, nausea, flu-like symptoms without fever, malaise, a red rash, skeletal pain, and itching. Less common symptoms include chills, diarrhea (typically of short duration), vomiting of short duration, and fever. Keep in mind, though, that these symptoms are actually an indication that the the detoxification is working and the natural process of the body, called a "healing-crises" is taking place due to there having been an excessive amount of harmful microorganisms having been present. If you experience Herxheimer reactions, stop taking the treatment for 24 to 48 hours and then resume at a lower number of servings to allow the body to maintain balance. Consult a doctor for medical needs. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Q: What are the benefits of taking humic/fulvic acid?
A: Wow! Where do we start. Below are a couple lists of possible uses. We have had to leave out all the things the FDA won't let us talk about, but there's enough here to go on with. Internally, fulvic acid reportedly: Increases energy Is an unparalleled, bioavailable mineral and amino acid supplement Is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger Chelates heavy metals and body toxins, removing them from the system Transports nutrients into the cells Extends the time nutrients remain active — potentiates the availability of essential nutrients Increases metabolism of proteins, contributing to DNA and RNA synthesis Is a powerful natural electrolyte Restores electrochemical balance Increases activity of a host of enzyme systems Helps rebuild the immune system Increases bioavailability of nutrients and minerals Used externally, fulvic acid: May be used to treat open wounds, cuts, and abrasions Helps burns to heal with minimum pain or scarring Reduces discoloration due to skin bruises Kills pathogens responsible for athletes foot Acts as a wide spectrum antimicrobial and fungicide May be used on rashes, skin irritations, insect and spider bites Neutralizes poison ivy and poison oak Add to the above that since fulvic acid is humic with the humates removed, humic acid has all of the above properties plus a more alkaline pH and a higher proportion of minerals.

Q: Does humic acid kill viruses?
A: According to the National Institutes of Health, which has studied humic repeatedly over the years, humic acid kills viruses "in vitro." Additionally, based on their human testing, they have concluded that it may properly be used by schoolchildren. We do not claim to diagnose, prevent, mitigate, treat or cure the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus or any other "disease". In using BIONAID
or ZeoHeal should you discover that viral infections have little or no adverse affect on you it is completely coincidental and we do not authorize any claims that our products have had any successful results with any disease. On May 1st 2009, the FDA targets the use of unapproved and uncleared products. On June 27th 2009, the FDA approved the use of unapproved and uncleared products. This is more evidence that we must take personal responsibility for our health, consider all options, and seek competent health care professionals for our health needs. These statements have not been approved by the FDA, but we are not really sure what they approve.

Q: What are the benefits of mixing zeolite in humic acid?
A: In order for zeolite to reach our intracellular fluid and capture heavy metals and toxins, some type of carrier agent is needed. Also, in order for the cells to release heavy metals and toxins, some type of chelating agent is required. Humic acid is the finest natural chelating agent and the most effective nutritional carrying agent known to science. Laboratory tests have proved that nutrients are up to 90% more bioavailable when mixed with humic/fulvic acid! Additionally, we found that the zeolite could be incorporated into the humic acid in such a way that it would be carried directly into the system from the stomach, rather than waiting for digestion in the intestines where most of it would just go "right on through." Plus with humic acid you get all the nutrients your body needs for healthy functioning: 72 minerals and trace minerals, plus all of the amino acids. Putting zeolite together with humic/fulvic is kind of a no-brainer!

Q: Why not mix zeolite in fulvic acid instead of humic?
A: Fulvic is acidic, because acid is required to extract it from the humic mineral solution. The result is that zeolites tend to "drop out of solution" when they are mixed with fulvic acid. And even if this acidic quality is then "rectified" to make it more alkaline, fulvic still contains whatever was added to begin with in order to extract it from the humic, so it's got other ingredients that are not found in pure, organic humic minerals. Anyway, the extra step required to manufacture fulvic acid makes it more expensive. Doesn't make much sense to spend extra money to make your product less effective.

Q: Why not take zeolite in powder form?
A: The choice is yours to make. Just remember that powdered zeolite was first used to combat diarrhea, so you might not not want to use it if you need prune juice to get things moving down there. But powdered zeolite is not otherwise bioavailable. It's not digestible, and there's no carrier agent. So if we are attempting to remove toxins from our cells and blood, powdered zeolite is pretty much a waste of money.

Q: What are the advantages of frequency enhancement?
A: According to the FDA, there are zero advantages. Apparently, the FDA would have us believe that the universe is made up of "stuff," and the energetic properties of that "stuff" are totally irrelevant. Contrariwise, according to such scientific and medical giants as Reich, Reif, Tesla, et al., not to mention the entire alternative healing community and pretty much all of our customers, the advantages are astounding. And the energy folks who have looked at our product seem to believe that Zeoheal™ stands head and shoulders above the competition — even those competitors who are claiming frequency enhancement! You can investigate this aspect yourself. Just obtain a couple different zeolite products, search out an energy-sensitive friend or practitioner who's willing to compare them, and see what you get. One of our customers took Zeoheal™ to a dowser who said it practically knocked him "across the room," and a group in the Netherlands wrote us recently to claim that ours is the highest-energy product they've ever tested. Bottom line: You'll have to make up your own mind about frequency enhancement.

Q: What is the truth of others' claims to have an "original" enhancement formula?
A: The first humic zeolite was made by two folks in a partnership that no longer exists, one of whom is the scientist behind the technology of Zeoheal
. This creator of our product happens to be one of a tiny number of scientists in the world who know how to permanently embue living matter with selected frequencies. It was this energy scientist who invented the secret process that is still used today by Zeoheal and by no one else. Only Zeoheal is made with the original energy-enhancement process we still employ. What is the process? We can't say. That's why it's a secret. Other producers are using magnets and vortex dynamics to energize their zeolite products, and we do those things, too. That technology is no secret. But that's only a very small part of our full energy-enhancement process. The proof is "in the pudding," as they say. Again, you'll have to make up your own mind on this one.

Q: Don't you have to do some chemical process to "clean the zeolite cages"?
A: If you look at the patent application for our multi-level-marketing competitor, you will see that "cleaning cages" has absolutely nothing to do with what they are all about. The high-heat acid bath methodology was for the purpose of dissolving the zeolite so that it could be injected (!!) directly into tumors. The cleaning-the-cages idea is a marketing ploy, pure and simple. Any chemist will tell you it's nonsense. The minute you cool down the acid bath, whatever was in the zeolite molecules goes right back in. The only way to get pure zeolite is to use a pure source. Our scientist (the "energy guy" — see previous Q/A) figured out how to dissolve the zeolite organically, without using chemicals, acid, or heat. And what goes into our Zeoheal
is a pure source: the only clinoptilolite ore supply that's FDA approved for human consumption.

Q: What is the quality of the humates in Zeoheal
A: Our humic acid is made under strict laboratory conditions. The humic ore which is the basis for Zeoheal
is from New Mexico's Mesa Verde Resources, which is considered to be the highest quality humate in the world, even more so than the Indian "shilajit."

Q: In what ways is Zeoheal
™ superior to the well-known clear, acid-based zeolite?
A: Zeoheal
is more bioavailable, because humic/fulvic is a "carrier agent" — it carries supplements into the bloodstream and intracellular fluid. It's more powerful because humic and fulvic are the most effective agents known to science for potentiating nutrients. It's more effective in capturing heavy metals and toxins, because humic/fulvic chelates them out of the cells, delivering the toxins into the intracellular fluid where the zeolite can then capture them. Plus, Zeoheal contains all the minerals and amino acids that your cells need for optimum function, in a liquid that has the perfect, alkaline pH balance for your body's maximum health. Our multi-level-marketing competitor offers none of the above.


Key Benefits

● Safe for long-term use
● 100% natural - contains no additives or chemical reagents
● Easy to take - no taste or smell
● Helps Improve the general state of health
● Detoxifies the body by removing heavy metals and toxins
● Helps re-mineralize the body
● Acts as a free-radical reducer
● Prevents pre-mature aging

● Acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory

● Supports immune system function
● Helps reduce cell mutation
● Reduces symptoms of allergies
● May improve mood
● Helps balance pH
● Boosts energy levels
● Acts as a powerful broad spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent
● Increases vitamin and mineral absorption

4-in-1 Major Benefits

Zeolite- natural zeolite mineral, world’s greatest detoxifier
Oxygen- disease killing oxygen and energy enhancer
Minerals- angstrom size ionic humic/fulvic minerals for DNA & cellular repair
Energy- frequency enhanced process

ZeoHEAL, with multiple oxygen enhancers and Wayback Water, super oxygenates the blood and works like ionic minerals, phyto-nutrients, macro & micro nutrients. Proprietary geometric photon laser enhanced processes make it work better & faster than other zeolite products.

This amazing cellular ZeoHEAL all-in-one formula helps your body maintain optimum alkalinity, proper normalized pH levels and helps supercharge your immune system so it can defend your body against a broad range of bacterial infections, chronic conditions and viruses. It helps your body remove cancer triggers, lower cancer markers, lower tumor markers, and lower disease markers in the blood. It helps support a strong immune system and reduces toxic overload by removing toxins, chemicals & heavy metals. It's patented process also removes pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, toxins, heavy metals & even drug residues!

ZeoHeal™ is a natural fast-acting super detoxifier.

It is safe to use: ZeoHEAL comes from the only ore supply that's been approved as safe for consumption by humans. In addition, it has been processed in such a way that it can never withdraw necessary minerals or elements from your body — only the harmful ones. In fact, it actually helps to re-mineralize your cells.

100% Pure Clinoptilolite: ZeoHEAL
is composed 100% of the zeolite subgroup called "clinoptilolite" — the type of zeolite that has generated such amazing results in laboratory testing.

It is chemical free: ZeoHEAL
is processed without chemicals. Through a natural, proprietary process, concentrated organic humic acid molecules have "naturally digested" the zeolite, holding it in permanent suspension. ZeoHeal is chemical-free, no chemicals, solvents or heat-treating methods are used in our proprietary natural holistic manufacturing process.
It has maximum bioavailability: Because the humic acid in ZeoHEAL
is in organic, interdimensional form, and because the zeolite is actually suspended in the humic molecules, 100% of ZeoHEAL is carried into the cells.

It has anti-aging properties: Because ZeoHEAL
uses interdimensional humic acid to carry the zeolite to your cells, the antiaging properties of organic humic acid "come with." There is no substitute for organic humic acid to revitalize our cells and reverse cellular degeneration.

What makes natural intracellular ZeoHEAL
in humic acid better than other major brands of zeolite? Many other brands use chemicals and solvents or heat treatment methods to process their zeolite into a liquid form. Natural intracellular ZeoHEAL utilizes the newest most advanced manufacturing process of using humic acid (a highly regarded organic medium) which enables the zeolite to penetrate cell walls.

FDA Disclaimer
This information is intended for educational purposes only.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.



ZeoHeal is a Dietary Supplement. Testimonials on this website do not imply that similar results will happen with your use of our products. The testimonials are not intended to recommend any supplement as a drug, as a diagnosis for specific illnesses or conditions, nor as a product to eliminate diseases or other medical conditions or complications. We make no medical claims as to the benefits of any of our products to improve medical conditions.

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