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Bion+ Silver Ozone Water
Science & Research


Silver Nano Particles

The Real Silver Bullet in clinical Medicine?
by Kenneth Wong


The use of silver nanoparticles has become more widespread in our society. While many believe that silver can be extremely useful in clinical medicine, firm evidence is still lacking. Thus, we present here a review of their current use in clinical medicine.


Silver Ozone Water

●Oxygenated Silver Hydrosol Molecule (OSHM)

●Indicative Testimonies



UCLA Bion Report

January 23, 1995
In this experiment, PHA-stimulated PBLs infected with HIV _1 JRCSF were treated with Bion+ Water (CVM3). On day 4, culture was microscopically observed, cells all looked healthy indicating a positive dose response. On day 7, all HIV had been killed, even at the lowest concentration.


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April 1996
A female age 37 with Breast Cancer. Target cells decreased in number during the study. This parasitic condition not only decreased after the first dose, but eventually disappeared.


July 21, 1988
P. Aeruginosa and Staphylococcus Aureus- killed.


Burk Elder Hale, III on African Bion+/Zeoheal Distribution and

Barry Goldwater recommendation


Bion+ Silver Water
Bioavailability Comparison Test


Test the bioactive crystallization test on 6PPM Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional lot BT777 compared to the best selling silver hydrosol on the market - 10PPM Sovereign Silver lot BX14.

It does not matter what PPM a product is if it is not bioactive. We have tested Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional and found that even at 6PPM it is more bioactive than even the best selling products on the market at 10PPM.

If a particle of silver is bioactive it will crystallize when it comes into contact with certain minerals such as sodium. A lab will only tell you what the PPM is and will not show you its bioavailability, i.e., the ability of the particle to interact with pathogens or, in the case of our test, other minerals.

Below is a bioavailability comparison of 10PPM Sovereign Silver (Left) and 6PPM Bion+
 Trioxysilver Professional (Right). A Sovereign Silver box was used to hold each pen light flash light so the height of entry was exact.


Notice how even at 6PPM Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional has complete crystallization throughout the product when a sodium catalyst is added.

The Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional bottle lights up significantly when compared to the 10PPM Sovereign Silver.


This picture shows an additional bottle with just water and reagent.

Water with zero bioavailable particles will remain clear when a reagent such as sodium is added.
Bioavailability - Extent to which - and sometimes rate at which - the active moiety (substance or metabolite) enters systemic circulation, thereby gaining access to the site of action. The physicochemical properties of a substance govern its absorptive potential, but the properties of the dosage form (which partly depend on its design and manufacture) can largely determine substance bioavailability.


Sovereign Silver 10PPM on left;
6PPM Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional on right; Picture of Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional Lot Number tested at center.

As a side note, we would like for you to notice that Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional is in a clear bottle as a finished product. This is because we want to make the point that Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional is not adversely affected by sunlight. All of the other silver products we have seen on the market have been bottled in a tinted bottle to protect it from the sunlight because sunlight will cause the suspended silver to fall out of suspension and change color.

According to our analysis, Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional is producing an energy field well over a mile away from the bottle from the latest advancements. We are confident that the energies put into the product, energies that we did not want to escape from the contents, are adhering to the trioxysilver particle to our satisfaction.
Before, we once used a tinted blue bottle because we wanted to be sure the energies stayed in the bottle. Now, this is no longer required, as light will no affect the quality of the product.


Picture of Sovereign Silver Lot BX14 tested at 10PPM.

Take one bottle of Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional and place a 1/16 teaspoon of salt in it. Shake it for 60 seconds and then let it sit for two minutes. In a dark to low lit area place a pin light flash light (one that can focus) up against the side of the bottle. If the product was 1PPM or lower a haze may be slightly perceptible but there will be no strong visible light beam as can be seen in our sample tests of this Lot.

After this empty the bottle and wash it out completely and rinse several times with filtered water. Place another 1/16 teaspoon of salt in the bottle and fill it with filtered water. Shake for 60 seconds and let sit for two minutes. This will be the bench mark of zero PPM. Do the same test with other products.

Every lot is checked for PPM and bioavailability before it is bottled. We stand by our belief that 6PPM Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional is more bioactive and hydrating than any major brand of silver hydrosol or colloidal silver on the market. Bion+ Trioxysilver Professional sets the standard.

● BION+ provides Natural Immunization without vaccine toxicity using technology being used on the NASA International Space Station (ISS)


● BION+ ingredients are superior to any other covalent hydrosol or oxy-silver solution, and all other manufacturers refuse our challenge to prove there products are more effective than BION+
See the bio-available comparison test to Sovereign Silver here.

● BION+ bionic particle has been tested and proven in clinics and labs for almost two decades!

● BION+ has been selected as the #1 supplement in Ghana by health authorities endeavoring to rid their country of the most deadly illnesses in Africa


● BION+ is safe for mothers and babies, and all animals as well!

● BION+ is potent enough for professional use and used in clinics

● BION+ cannot turn the skin blue or cause Argyria

● BION+ can easily pass through a membrane or cell wall

● BION+ cannot be combined with any other substance to form a compound

● BION+ can be atomically absorbed into matter

● BION+ observed to penetrate pathogen cell walls to attack multiple sites within the cell

● BION+ seen to inactivate critical internal physiological functions of the pathogen

● BION+ effectively employs redox chemistry to steal electrons from the bonds holding the target pathogen molecule together

● BION+ observed to bond to the pathogen to change the base molecular structure of the pathogen-critical macromolecules, rendering them unusable to the pathogen

● BION+ introduces trioxide into the mutated cell microenvironment which quickly changes the pH from mutation enabling acidic to pathogen hostile alkaline
Microbials have little opportunity to mutate or become resistant with BIONAID™

● BION+ appears to augment the immune cells' Oxidative Burst defense without causing collateral damage to healthy cells, including bacteria and nematodes

● BION+ is beyond a "colloidal silver hydrosol" that is run through a centrifuge to make it a simple Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol. 
See the bio-available comparison test to Sovereign Silver here.

● BION+ has such a small bionic silver particle, one atom of silver with three atoms of oxygen atoms attached, that an electron microscope cannot see it

● BION+ contains the world's best water that hydrates faster than any water tested

● BION+ is used by race-horse owners to give them the racing edge

● BION+ is not an "oxygenated" or ionic solution - An atomically created TRIOXIDE particle

● BION+ is clear and not photosensitive like colloidal silver and oxygen does the real work more than silver

● BION+ particles have a covalent trioxide bond to many trace elements, including silver

● BION+ cannot be precipitated by any means and is unaffected by medical grade containers or glass

● BION+ unlike other hydrosols in distilled water, will not turn acidic when exposed to the air

● BION+ is a complementary supplement that shows great promise with all conventional supplement regimens

● BION+ is universally effective and non-toxic to the entire body!

Obsoletes Vaccine Technology


FDA Disclaimer
This information is intended for educational purposes only.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.

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