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F.A.Q. Bion+

Q: Do you have the Bion+ label with suggested use directions?

Q: Does Bion+ have any taste when taken on its own or with purified chlorine-free water?

A: There is virtually no taste when taking Bion+ with or without water!
If you taste anything, it could be that it is penetrating the cells in your mouth immediately and purging something that you may taste. However that is an uncommon case.

Q: How much Bion+ should be taken internally in a day for your standard nutritional supplementation?
Standard recommended daily nutritional supplementation on the label is 2 teaspoons to receive beneficial effects. Prudent doctors recommend using Bion+ daily for health recovery or maintenance to keep current re-infections at bay.

People ask, should I use it every day? And the answer is "yes" because we are re-exposed to infectious organisms every single day and re-infections can occur. These products are provided for your experimentation and research purposes only, and no ill-effects have ever been observed for decades.

Q: Should Bion+ be taken on an empty or full stomach?

A: Taking them on an empty stomach is considered best.

However, a few people have very sensitive stomachs and experience some minor discomfort (for example - stomach gas) when taking the concentrate instead of the mix suggested with quality drinking water. Better tolerance in these sensitive persons has been observed after taking BIONAID for a week or two. The discomfort occurs mostly due to the rapid self-destruction of harmful microorganisms that cannot thrive in a body with clean, highly oxygenated water, especially when ozone (O3) is in the water and subsequent detoxification. When a nutritional supplementation level is finally not creating any detoxification reactions, it may be gradually increased if desired. Detoxification reactions occur when the body obtains good nutrition that is effective in building the immune system against infections, and should not be seen as a negative, adverse reaction - rather what is normally known as a "healing crises."

Q: How do I take Bion+?


We recommend one teaspoon ( 1 Cap Full) of Bion Plus per day to assist in keeping your immune system strong. If you are not feeling well we recommend taking two teaspoons ( 2 Filled Caps) every two hours until your immune system feels strong again.


Q: How does Bion+ compare with prescription grade silver hydrosols and "Purest Colloids" of Silver?

A: Please see the scientific paper on Bion+:

Bion+ is more powerful than even pharmaceutical brands of oligodynamic silver hydrosols because Bion+ contains a specialized water that has been scientifically tested and proven to absorb into the cells faster than any water tested, and is exposed to millions of wave-patterns/frequencies. Bion+ both are actually "wafer grade" and manufactured beyond typical pharmaceutical grade hydrosols. Bion+ is, therefore, a more powerful aid in detoxification and natural energy restoration. Which is why less is more when you add it to water; whereby the two to eight ounce drinking water range is recommended to help flush out toxins. More than eight ounces of diluted BIONAID can still produce a heavier detoxification than some critically ill people are comfortable with so be careful. Most people will not have a problem with even three glasses a day, but our recommendations here must take everyone into consideration. Many BIONAID users drink three glasses a day without any ill effects.

Bion+ TRIOXYSILVER PROFESSIONAL is "Silver Ozone in The Water" - AgO3 - out-performs the leading retail store selling product - Sovereign Silver, and the simple test proves our products superior bioavailability. Mesosilver does not compare either.
No other silver product manufacturer has taken us up on the $10 million reward for superior safety and efficacy.


Q: How do you recommend taking Bion+ for chronic immune system burdening ailments, and how long should the maximum dose be consumed?

A: Health professionals recommend that you can take seven teaspoons daily for your entire life without getting close to your toxic dose limit. People who are chronically ill can take nine teaspoons daily for several months. Then it is wise to return to the regular maintenance dose. (That is up to 5-7 teaspoons a day.) After you go through this three months at the lower dosage, you can return for three months at the higher dosage. In other words, alternate taking the higher dosage for three months; then the lower dosage for three months. If needed, which is unlikely due to the efficacy of this product, you can safely use this protocol until you are very old. Higher-volume nutritional supplementations are for aggressively supporting the immune system and/or chronic infections.

Q: Can you use a metal spoon, or do you have to use a plastic spoon?

A: A wood or plastic spoon is best to protect the resonant energy in Bion+.

Q: Do you have to put it under your tongue to absorb it into your blood stream, or can you just swallow it?

A: Under the tongue is good for rapidly absorbing Bion+. However, this is not necessary to enjoy the general benefits.

Q: Can Bion+ be used topically on skin wounds and cuts, etc.?

A: Before the passage of legislation to protect supplements was passed a few years ago, silver solutions were sold across the counter for any purpose desired, even topically, but being that Bion+ are "nutritional supplements", we can only suggest nutritional applications. It is your decision.


Bion+ was used topically in San Antonio, Guatemala in mid-2010 in a hospital for this very purpose.
Click for details











Q: Can you put Bion+ in your eyes, like an eye drop?

A: Although it is not recommended for use in this way, many people have been experimenting. No harm is expected using Bion+ in this way except the eye rinse would sting your eyes about the same as rinsing with pure drinking water because it is not an isotonic saline solution. Before the passage of legislation to protect supplements was passed a few years ago, silver solutions were sold across the counter for any purpose desired, even topically, but being that Bion+ products are "nutritional supplements", we can only suggest nutritional applications.

Q: Is there a shelf life for Bion+?

A: No. There is nothing infectious that is ever going to grow in it, but dating may be used solely to meet legal regulations.

Q: Are there special storage instructions, like "refrigerate after opening?"

A: No. Again, nothing harmful is ever going to grow in Bion+.

Q: What is the difference between Bion+ and colloidal silvers?

A: Besides its energetic attributes, the special covalently-bonded silver-oxygen molecule makes Bion+ completely different from colloidal silvers, including the best smallest particle and uniformly dispersed silver hydrosols that do not contain this unique covalently-bonded molecule. Please see the scientific paper on Bion+:


• Permanently suspended by covalent fusion (UCLA and Southwest Labs).
• The Silver Atom is held in permanent suspension by the covalence of many Oxygen atoms and the covalence of a single Silver Atom.

• The orbiting electrons of a single Silver Atom wrap around the Oxygen Atom as the Hydrogen Atoms are being separated during the reaction. The Silver, now a covalent sub-nanoparticle, can then be ingested like any nutrient through the intestinal wall. This minute particle can travel in the blood stream and penetrate cell membranes (without damaging the cell). As a dietary supplement for supporting the immune system, one primary elimination process occurs when silver's positive charged electrons, orbiting past the covalently bonded Oxygen Atoms' nuclei to the outer side of the particle, make contact with a disease-causing micro-organism's negative charged electron (single). The charge of the overall Bion molecule becomes positive due to the ratio of positively charged protons in the nucleus of the oxygen atoms being greater than the number of electrons being shared amongst the other oxygen molecules, silver ion and covalent silver particles. This is one primary factor that speaks to the superior immune support aspects of Bion+ and its unique particle. Significantly more infectious micro-organisms (parasites) are dispatched on contact with our Bion particle, exponentially beyond inferior, non-covalently bonded, colloidal particles (whether they be colloidal silver proteins, "super" or any other colloidal silver products). If its not covalent bonded (specifically the type of covalent bond created by the covalent reactor), its not as effective, and "their can be only one" - Bion. The secondary technology used in Bion+ is the overall sub-nano-size of the entire water solution that makes our covalent silver's delivery system even more effective. Bion+ are not a colloidal silver products.

Observed Properties of Bion+:
• Not an oxygenated or simple ionic solution (Covalent-bonded AgO3 in The Water)
• Cannot be precipitated by any means
• Observed to easily pass through a membrane or cell wall
• Cannot be combined with any other substance to form a compound
• Observed to atomically absorbed into matter
• Observed to penetrate pathogen cell walls to attack multiple sites within the cell
• Observed to inactivate critical internal physiological functions of the pathogen
• Appears to effectively employ redox chemistry to accept electrons from the bonds holding the target pathogen molecule together
• Observed to bond to the pathogen to change the base molecular structure of the pathogen-critical macromolecules, rendering them unusable to the pathogen
• Observed introducing oxygen into the mutated, and mutated cluster, cell microenvironment, which quickly changes the pH from cancer enabling Acidic to cancer inhospitable Alkaline
• Harmful microbials observed having little opportunity to mutate or thrive in healthy bodily-water environment
• Appears to augment the immune cell’s "Oxidative Burst" defense without causing collateral damage to healthy cells, including bacteria and nematodes
• Is a complementary dietary supplementation that shows great promise with all conventional health regimens

Undisputed facts about colloidal silver:
• It is not an atomic reaction.
• It is too large to enter the blood stream through normal ingestion processes.
• It is a colloid by static bonding and will fall out of suspension at the slightest agitation.
• It often has approximately 3-5 days shelf life.
• Argyria is a potentially permanent side effect from excess consumption of colloidal silver, deposition of silver salts in the skin cause a permanent blue to bronze discoloration of the skin and mucosa that is darker in regions exposed to UV light. Argyria is an extremely rare occurrence and is seldom harmful; it is generally caused by the excessive consumption of home made colloidal silver or colloidal silver protein (CSP). Covalent silver does not cause Argyria or any harmful side effects, and you are unable to overdose from its beneficial properties.

A Comment about "Pure Water"

There isn't any such thing as pure liquid water. Distilled water is a very dilute solution of hydroxide and hydronium ions, because (like many other solvents) water reacts with itself:

2 H2O() H3O+(aq) + OH-(aq)

At room temperature, about 1 in every 10,000,000 water molecules has dissociated by donating a hydrogen atom to another water. Distilled water under these conditions is actually 10-7M H3O+ and 10-7M OH-. Hydroxide ion is the caustic component of lye, and hydronium ion makes acid solutions corrosive.

Distilled water also reacts with atmospheric carbon dioxide according to...

H2O() + CO2(g) H2CO3(aq)
H2CO3(aq) + H2O() H3O+(aq) + HCO3-(aq)
HCO3-(aq) + H2O() H3O+(aq) + CO32-(aq)

..which brings the pH of distilled water in an open-air container down to about 5.8.

Beware of colloidal silver products claiming to have "pure water" by using distilled, double or triple-distilled water. BIONAID does not contain distilled water.

Q: How is Bion+ metabolized, broken down, or removed from the body?

A: Regular body proteins pick up the charged molecules of silver-oxygen. Being 400 times smaller than a red blood cell, these covalently-bonded molecules easily pass thru cell walls and can be carried away by the lymphatic system. You dispose of 98% of the Bion+ you consume in a day, so very little is left in your body after you take it.

Bion+ starts its elimination process by combining with plasma proteins, after which it is removed by the liver. More than 90% is eliminated in the bile. Most of this comes out in the feces; with very little being excreted in the urine.

The 2% of silver in Bion+ that is not excreted through the bowel is deposited in the skin and mucous tissues. Tissue deposition of silver results from precipitation of insoluble salts, such as silver chloride and silver phosphate, into cell membranes mostly. These may be transformed to soluble silver sulphide albuminates and bind with amino or carboxyl groups in proteins and nucleic acids. They may also be oxidized to metallic silver by ascorbic acid, or catecholamines, and slowly excreted via your sweat glands.

Regular metallic colloidal silver products, or other poorly produced products such as silver salts or crystals, may be retained for years since your body can not process large silver particles. You either discharge them without any gain or absorb the silver particles in your tissues if they are not removed by the lymphatic system. The fatal dose of retained silver for your average human is 10 grams.

Q: Is there a toxic dose of Bion+?

A: Theoretically, anything can kill you if you consume too much, including your average water. Bion+ is really a trace mineral water with about 3 parts-per-million (ppm) of covalently-bonded silver in it. At 6 ppm, you would be consuming approximately 0.003 grams for every liter of concentrate you drank directly out of the bottle.

The EPA says you can drink 5 tablespoons per day (2.5 ounces) of 5 PPM regular metallic colloidal silver for 70 years with no sign of risk for even sensitive persons. Even though Bion+ contains less than 6 ppm silver, users may wish use these guidelines for long term use, but it is not necessary.

Scientific and clinical trials for serious inflammations in severe illnesses have been conducted and are ongoing, and are conducted at slightly more than the nutritional supplementations suggested in number 5 above.

Q: Does Bion+ kill off good bacteria in your gut as well as infectious, pathogenic germs?

A: This is possible, but unlikely due to the selective nature of the molecule supplemented. The best thing to do to replenish important bacteria to your intestine is to eat garden-fresh organic vegetables with some soil-based microbes on the food, or else use a good probiotic such as the popular and great tasting "Farmacy Pro Power" available from Whole Foods pharmacy. But common sense tells us that we'd rather risk losing a few good bacteria, if any, than die from a deadly pandemic or other serious infectious pathogens. Reports from race horse owners that used Bion+ for their ulcers claimed total success, and they reported that studies from the University of Mass. reported the same findings. Please see the scientific paper on Bion+:



Q: Can Bion+ be used in an IV with a saline solution or in a nebulizer?

A: Before nutritional supplementation law were passed in the late 1990's, silver supplements were sold across the counter for any use and not restricted to oral use, including uses with IV's and nebulizers. Since that time we can only recommend their oral use as a nutritional supplement even though it is safe enough for use in IVs and nebulizers.

Q: Is Bion+ a nanotechnology and is it dangerous to the environment?

A: No, but this answer requires more explanation. Bion+ contains mostly water and a small concentration of nano-size silver particles. Although the silver-oxygen bonded molecules are being created using advanced technology, it has not been officially classified as a nanotechnology for many reasons. Among these many good reasons is the fact that it is clearly not a self-replicating form of nanotechnology capable of overtaking natural biological systems, which is a reasonable concern. Assuming it may eventually be classified as a “nanotechnology’ it is unlikely to be commercially restricted because of its life-saving, health-enhancing benefits.

Regarding any rumored risk to the environment from silver hydrosols, there is no scientific evidence that environmental accumulation of silver hydrols will cause any germ species extinctions. In fact, if you seriously consider this question advanced by nano-technology opponents and petrochemical propagandists who accept and neglect the environmental degradation and vaccine heavy metal intoxications you realize this promoted rumor is ridiculous recognizing microbiology's ability to culture and mass produce germs for all kinds of reasons. Germs, unlike bees and whales, are plentiful and easily cultured. Some studies have actually shown a significant benefit to the environment. Those that argue that it is detrimental to waste water treatment have their priorities backwards, and should be using this technology to clean the water instead of bacteria, just as NASA does.

Please see the scientific paper on Bion+:



Q: Some people are claiming silver hydrosol nanoparticle is a “pesticide.’ How can this be?

A: Because special interest, petrochemical-pharmaceutical industrialists are afraid of losing sales in dangerous antibiotics and deadly vaccines to our far safer and far superior products. Their mainstream media parrots are plugging this insanity and genocide. At the same time, largely ignorant people, and otherwise biased, radical "environmentalists", have petitioned the EPA to classify the nano-sized silver hydrosols as “pesticides.’ Their challenge is based on the previous definition the EPA gave of “pesticide’ to include undesirable germs, viruses, and fungi. But, if you read their petition, while carefully reflecting on the stacks of scientific articles proving life-saving safety and efficacy of silver hydrosols, you realize how ridiculously radical their request to classify silver hydrosols as “pesticides’ really is. Drugs and vaccine residues going into the water table and sprayed on crops would be appropriately labeled as "PESTICIDES", as they are proving to be detrimental even to the bees already.


● Bion+ provides Natural Immunization without vaccine toxicity using technology being used on the NASA International Space Station (ISS)


● Bion+ ingredients are superior to any other covalent hydrosol or oxy-silver solution, and all other manufacturers refuse our challenge to prove there products are more effective than Bion+
See the bio-available comparison test to Sovereign Silver here.

● Bion+ bionic particle has been tested and proven in clinics and labs for almost two decades!

● Bion+ has been selected as the #1 supplement in Ghana by health authorities endeavoring to rid their country of the most deadly illnesses in Africa


● Bion+ is safe for mothers and babies, and all animals as well!

● Bion+ is potent enough for professional use and used in clinics

● Bion+ cannot turn the skin blue or cause Argyria

● Bion+ can easily pass through a membrane or cell wall

● Bion+ cannot be combined with any other substance to form a compound

● Bion+ can be atomically absorbed into matter

● Bion+ observed to penetrate pathogen cell walls to attack multiple sites within the cell

● Bion+ seen to inactivate critical internal physiological functions of the pathogen

● Bion+ effectively employs redox chemistry to steal electrons from the bonds holding the target pathogen molecule together

● Bion+ observed to bond to the pathogen to change the base molecular structure of the pathogen-critical macromolecules, rendering them unusable to the pathogen

● Bion+ introduces trioxide into the mutated cell microenvironment which quickly changes the pH from mutation enabling acidic to pathogen hostile alkaline
Microbials have little opportunity to mutate or become resistant with Bion+

● Bion+ appears to augment the immune cells' Oxidative Burst defense without causing collateral damage to healthy cells, including bacteria and nematodes

● Bion+ is beyond a "colloidal silver hydrosol" that is run through a centrifuge to make it a simple Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol. 
See the bio-available comparison test to Sovereign Silver here.

● Bion+ has such a small bionic silver particle, one atom of silver with three atoms of oxygen atoms attached, that an electron microscope cannot see it

● Bion+ contains the world's best water that hydrates faster than any water tested

● Bion+ is used by race-horse owners to give them the racing edge

● Bion+ is not an "oxygenated" or ionic solution - An atomically created TRIOXIDE particle

● Bion+ is clear and not photosensitive like colloidal silver and oxygen does the real work more than silver

● Bion+ particles have a covalent trioxide bond to many trace elements, including silver

● Bion+ cannot be precipitated by any means and is unaffected by medical grade containers or glass

● Bion+ unlike other hydrosols in distilled water, will not turn acidic when exposed to the air

● Bion+ is a complementary supplement that shows great promise with all conventional supplement regimens

● Bion+ is universally effective and non-toxic to the entire body!

Obsoletes Vaccine Technology


FDA Disclaimer
This information is intended for educational purposes only.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.

Bion+ is a Dietary Supplement. Testimonials on this website do not imply that similar results will happen with your use of our products. The testimonials are not intended to recommend any supplement as a drug, as a diagnosis for specific illnesses or conditions, nor as a product to eliminate diseases or other medical conditions or complications. We make no medical claims as to the benefits of any of our products to improve medical conditions.

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