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Natural Action Water Structuring Units

Note: All units are now Dynamically Enhanced Water Structuring Units


Vortexing Any Water Source to a Healthy Fractal State
Utilizes Nature’s Multi-Vortex technology
Purifies water to neutralize pollutants
Structures water for proper cellular hydration
Clears the memory of the water from previous pollutants!
ZERO parts to replace!
Free lifetime replacement on all units!
90-day risk-free guarantee!

FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the United States (via USPS)!

Portable unit Mini-Shower unit SuperShower unit
Small Garden unit Large Garden unit
Undersink unit Whole Home unit
Pool unit Commercial unit

NEW Dynamically Enhanced Units available in all above sizes!

Structured Water is the •ultimate health food,• "greatest natural medicine,• "most economical fuel,• and "most economical energy source."
● No filters to replace! Virtually maintenance free!
● Fresh invigorating water for drinking, showers, washing, and bathing
● Neutralizes the effects of pollutants
● Improved crop and garden growth (studies have shown bio-mass increases of 27%-40%)
● Improved aerobic bacterial activity in all septic and sewage systems
● Reduces anaerobic bacteria
● Less algae growth in ponds and lakes
● Healthier people, pets, gardens, and livestock

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ZEOHEAL™ is the Quantum Hyper-Physics' answer to Well-Being: A heavy metal zeolite detoxifier in high-spin water! High-spin water is sub-nano size water clusters to aid in speedy detoxification and mineralization!

4-in-1 Major Benefits
Zeolite: natural zeolite mineral, world's greatest detoxifier
Oxygen: disease killing oxygen and energy enhancer
Minerals: angstrom size ionic humic/fulvic minerals for DNA & cellular repair
Energy: frequency enhanced process

Key Benefits

● Safe for long-term use
● 100% natural - contains no additives or chemical reagents
● Easy to take - no taste or smell

● Helps Improve the general state of health
● Detoxifies the body by removing heavy metals and toxins
● Helps re-mineralize the body
● Acts as a free-radical reducer
● Prevents pre-mature aging
● Acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory
● Supports immune system function
● Helps reduce cell mutation
● Reduces symptoms of allergies
● May improve mood
● Helps balance pH
● Boosts energy levels
● Acts as a powerful broad spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent
● Increases vitamin and mineral absorption

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Temporarily Unavailable. Sign up for Newsletter for updates on availability.

Temporarily Unavailable.

The Super Imploder, Triploder, & Imploder Shower Nozzle
Purchase The Super Imploder Water Energizer Products(s)**


Water Treatment at its Best.
Applying golden ratio, vortex spin and the physics of water, creating Life Affirming water!

Utilizes Magnetic Technology to “phase conjugate” water!
Implodes water for proper biological hydration
Less amount of water is required for plant growth
Plant growth effects over 300%! (see research)
No moving parts, minimal wear and tear!
No replacing or disposing parts!
Cost effective - Increases bottom line for all users
Free lifetime replacement on all units
90-day risk-free guarantee!

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Bionaid Trioxysilver Professional
  BIONAID TRIOXYSILVER PROFESSIONAL™ is a super supplement with the smallest known water clusters (sub-nano, sub-angstrom) and Silver Ozone in a 24-day concentrate! Use Bionaid for preventative maintenence, safely ridding any anaerobic pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and even chelating heavy metals from the body. It is packed with loads of nutritional analog vibrations/information in the water itself that the body can pick and choose from what it requires at the time of absorption.

BIONAID TRIOXYSILVER PROFESSIONAL™ obsoletes the need for vaccines and supercedes vaccines and nutritional supplements by providing correct isotopic nutrition via fractal-encoded water!

1 bottle = 8 oz = 24-day supply of SUPER IMMUNE SUPPORT!

Field-Lab-Clinic-University Tested
Non-Perishable Non-Photosensitive
NASA Technology, Doctor Endorsed
Vaccine-Free Natural Immunization
Electron-Covalence (not ionized) bonded Silver & Ozone (3-oxygens atoms) = SAFE, POTENT, FAST = Most Effective and Safest Silver solution on the market
NOT a colloidal silver! It is a Sub-Nano Silver-Ozone = Better, faster, stronger, safer!
(see bioavailability comparison tests to Sovereign Silver)

● BIONAID TRIOXYSILVER PRO™ provides Natural Immunization without vaccine toxicity using NASA technology being used on the International Space Station (ISS)

● BIONAID TRIOXYSILVER PRO™ ingredients are superior to any other covalent hydrosol or oxy-silver solution, and all other manufacturers refuse our challenge to prove there products are more effective than BIONAID™

● Microbials have little opportunity to mutate or become resistant with BIONAID™

● BIONAID TRIOXYSILVER PRO™ was selected as the #1 supplement in Ghana by health authorities endeavoring to rid their country of the most deadly illnesses in Africa!

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Bionaid Bionaid Trioxysilver Professional
Temporarily Unavailable. Sign up for Newsletter for updates on availability.

Disclaimer - PLEASE READ
Bionaid Trioxysilver Professional is a Dietary Supplement. Statements on this website do not imply that similar results will happen with your use of our products. The statements are not intended to recommend any supplement as a drug, as a diagnosis for specific illnesses or conditions, nor as a product to eliminate diseases or other medical conditions or complications. We make no medical claims as to the benefits of any of our products to improve medical conditions.
These statements have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA.
Please use at your own personal discretion.

From time to time, Bionaid & Zeoheal may take up to a few weeks to obtain stock and ship to you, depending on our supply.
Please contact if this is of a concern to your needs.

** Super Imploder, Triploder, and Imploder Showerhead occasionally ships international from France,
depending on supply quantities. Please allow a few weeks time to arrive to you.

Please contact us if you have any questions on supply of any product.
We are working on speeding up supply and shipment to you!

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