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! * - * ! NOW YOU CAN CHOOSE THE AMOUNT OF VEINS ON YOUR SHUNGITE ! * - * ! Typically Shungite comes with a lot of veins, but sometimes it has a little amount. Shungite very unique because each product comes with a different of veins, characteristics, or patterns if you will.We have gone through our stock and have made 3 different groups : little to no veins, normal amount and lots of veins


  • We wanted a style not readily available - a convex circle that came to a super fine edge - we liked how it looked and how it felt - so we worked with our friend in Russia to produce them for us - we hope you like them too!


  • ABOUT THE NECKLACE - We hand made a thick adjustable 16-32 inch cord to give you a choice of how to wear it. The Circle Pendent Necklace has a diameter of  1.18 inches , and the weight is 9 - 12 grams. 

Convex Circle Style - Shungite Pendant Necklace

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