Ranking #20, Robbie began drinking Structured Water and noticed an increase in energy,stamina and focus. In his own words:

"I noticed my energy increased and I felt an inner power." -Robbie Lawler

He continued to Hydrate using the portable unit. He indicated that the Structured Water enabled him to leap into health and feel more in tune with his own presence!

He felt that the induction of Structured Water propelled him to new heights of focus and power! He stated that the feeling of well being conveyed a presence and energy which allowed him to achieve his dreams!

Clayton Nolte, added, the fact that he has tapped into the alignment of himself from the inside out, also increased his connection with the earth and opened that window of vision that we all have within us.

"I love, love, love my water unit!! In fact, I don't leave homewithout it! I have used all kinds of "conscious water" products and didn't feel any different. With this unit I noticed the effects within the first day. I felt like a deep exhaustion (that I didn't know was there) had left my body. That was just the beginning of the remarkable changes. One of the things the water filter does is structure the water so it embodies a photonic field, photonic fields dissipates positive and negative charges. Which means past emotional content disappears! Our bodies are 70% water, and for me, having my body being 70% photonic has made being and facilitating consciousness so much easier!
Also as each of us embody the photonic field of being we shift everything around us ir|to a photonic field for 1,000 feet! Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone were allowing themselves to relax into their being? Thank you Clayton and Natural Action Technologies! I'm truly grateful for the contribution to me and the world."

~Rikka Zimmerman,
Adventures In Oneness

"I have grown so fond and appreciative of these little yet remarkable and powerful devices. I can feel myself able to hold more light and manage the life adventures that show up with so much more grace and ease. Just drinking water allows my consciousness and evolution to grow while assisting in balancing my health. One of the coolest conscious raising products I own."

~Jennifer McLean,
Host of Healing With The Masters

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