Quantum Body Balance Healing Session

The Quantum (hyper-physics/scalar) Body Balance Healing Session uses non-invasive hardware that weighs less than a pound, placed on various parts of the human body's energy system, using scalar waves. There are no needlesno forced body positions, and no electronics involved.


  • Balance entire and all energy systems

  • Boost your immune system intelligence to 100%

  • No longer will your body ignore pathogens that it once did

  • Boost your gut microbiom to 100%

  • Neutralize and chelate the body of heavy metals, unhealthy chemicals, viruses, viral debris, and all toxins

  • Neutralize vibrational interference patterns on all organs and systems in the body that block functionality

  • Restore function of all organs and system in the body

  • One and done session

  • Free your body's potential

Request a Quantum Healing Session

In-person sessions only


Austin, Texas, USA region

Houston/Dallas, Texas regions

$144 per Entire Session & Supplemental Steps
$88 per Supplemental Steps Only


~1 hour

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