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Natural Action Water Structuring Units

Ranking #20, Robbie began drinking Structured Water and noticed an increase in energy,stamina and focus. In his own words:

"I noticed my energy increased and I felt an inner power." -Robbie Lawler

He continued to Hydrate using the portable unit. He indicated that the Structured Water enabled him to leap into health and feel more in tune with his own presence!

He felt that the induction of Structured Water propelled him to new heights of focus and power! He stated that the feeling of well being conveyed a presence and energy which allowed him to achieve his dreams! ….

Clayton Nolte: added the fact that he has tapped into the alignment of himself from the inside out, also increased his connection with the earth and opened that window of vision that we all have within us.

"I have grown so fond and appreciative of these little yet remarkable and powerful devices. I can feel myself able to hold more light and manage the life adventures that show up with so much more grace and ease. Just drinking water allows my consciousness and evolution to grow while assisting in balancing my health. One of the coolest conscious raising products I own."
~Jennifer McLean,
Host of Healing With The Masters

"I love, love, love my water unit!! In fact, I don't leave homewithout it! I have used all kinds of "conscious water" products and didn't feel any different. With this unit I noticed the effects within the first day. I felt like a deep exhaustion (that I didn't know was there) had left my body. That was just the beginning of the remarkable changes. One of the things the water filter does is structure the water so it embodies a photonic field, photonic fields dissipates positive and negative charges. Which means past emotional content disappears! Our bodies are 70% water, and for me, having my body being 70% photonic has made being and facilitating consciousness so much easier!
Also as each of us embody the photonic field of being we shift everything around us ir|to a photonic field for 1,000 feet! Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone were allowing themselves to relax into their being? Thank you Clayton and Natural Action Technologies! I'm truly grateful for the contribution to me and the world."

~Rikka Zimmerman,
Adventures In Oneness


FAQ on Bionaid Trioxysilver Pro (SilverOzone)

"Thank you for continuing to sell Bionaid. I was initially very skeptical of this product that my wife ordered a long time ago. One day I came down with a terrible pneumonia that lasted for months, and antibotics did not get rid of it. Kristen cajoled me into finally taking doses of this throughout the day for a couple weeks, and amazingly it went away. I am still a pretty skeptical person, but I am convinced that Bionaid helped me knock the pneumonia out of my system.

Thank you."

~Rob K
Portland, OR

"I had weird flu-like symptoms and fatigue but even after a couple months I was still not over it. Then a friend of mine at UCSF medical center said his wife's boss at UCSF had the exact symptoms and it was histoplasmosis, a possibly fatal fungal infection, usually treated over the course of a year with anti-fungal drugs. I stay away from western medicine usually and also didn't want to take drugs for a year, so I asked my spiritual healer friend I've known over 20 years about the situation. He confirmed it was histoplasmosis and suggested I try the zeoheal and Bionaid. After the first set of bottles, I had some mild improvement, got a 2nd set and tried doubling the dose, and several of the symptoms subsided, and I'm going to try a 3rd set at regular dose to continue the healing. I never got a bonafide diagnosis, so it could be a coincidence or timing, though I tend to believe it is the bionaid and zeoheal that worked because I tried chinese herbal remedies and acupuncture with no effect. So it's not like a solid example, but I do believe in the products and will recommend them.
Thanks again for the shipment!

Kula, HI


*NOTE! By law, we are required to inform you of the following:

The testimonials on BIONAID and ZEOHEAL are anecdotal and are not scientific evidence of safety and efficacy.
Results with the use of our product varies from person to person, depending on many variables, and no one should expect the same results. BIONAID and ZEOHEAL are a dietary supplement and intended exclusively for oral consumption. We do not suggest any other uses of the product other than oral consumption, and testimonies that go beyond that were the choices of the members and not our recommendations, and you are encouraged to use the products exclusively for dietary purposes and not consider the uses by the testimonies beyond that for your use of the product. We have been asked by people if they can use it topically, and have told them that in the 90's, when ingredients in this product were sold across the counter it was used internally and externally with no adverse effects (only positive effects), but since legislation was passed regarding dietary supplements we may only promote the use of oral consumption of our product.

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