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Volcanic Mica-Mineral Water
Micarox™ is a volcanic mica-mineral water made specifically from black mica that is used within the body. It is diluted to 1/10th strength from the undiluted Micarox™ Pro commonly used in hot-tubs to create your own "volcanic mineral hotspring", clean ponds, lakes and bodies of water.

Volcanic mineral hotsprings are historically renowned for the healing qualites but are not available to most of the world population as a local source so we bring the volcanic mineral hotspring to you. The source we get this from has been using these mica-mineral extracts to produce clean water and for water reclamation, and their primary resources have been using it safely and effectively for over a decade.

Micarox™ is a dissolved ionic, volcanic mica mineral salt. It is a magnetic, volcanic sulfate mica mineral solution that is extracted from one of the most rarest and most volcanic mineral rich Biotite sources on Earth. Micarox™'s function is to eliminate dissolved contaminants within your water making toxins harmless (our bodies are mostly water).

has the ability to convert dissolved contaminants into burned-up, inert matter. With over 100 trace minerals in soluable form Micarox™ also provides the body with one of the most complete volcanic mineral matrices that Nature has to offer.

We have improved upon previous supplements and precursors from our resources with technology from Burk-Elder: Hale, Third and the renowned hyper-physicist Dan Nelson who reports that it is 120,000 times more safe and effective than zeolite and humic or fulvic acid products. Documentation verifies that Micarox™ product precursors of equally astounding quality sold under other brand names removes radioactive cesium, radioactive iodine, hexavalent chromium (remember the "Erin Brockovich" movie?), fluoride and numerous other toxic chemicals.

is 20,000 times more effective than the astounding product precursors from our resources. 1 gallon of Micarox™ Pro treats approximately 25,000 gallons of contaminated water. 32 ounces of Micarox™ (not Micarox™ Pro) transforms approximately 240-300 gallons of water into living, oxygenated, fresh-tasting mineral water - add 1 teaspoon to a gallon of water and stir. 2 ounces of Micarox™ transforms approximately 15 gallons into living, oxygenated, fresh-tasting mineral water - add 5 - 10 drops to 8 ounces of water and stir.

With a world now so contaminated from nuclear fallout from nuclear facilities - especially Fukushima, phamaceuticals, fertilizers, rocket fuel, geo-engineering aerosol from the skies, chemicals from snow and rainfall - especially from corexit and blue plague from the Gulf of Mexico by British Petroleun (BP) and their associates, natural gas from fracking and other industrial pollution Micarox™ and Micarox™ Pro has become a necessity of life.


Micarox™ Ingredients: Micarox™ is a solution of purified water and ionic sulfate minerals that are an extraction from volcanic trace mineral-rich Biotide (in the form of black mica). In addition Micarox™ has the technologies of Burk-Elder: Hale, Third and hyper-physicist Dan Nelson purported to increase effectiveness approximately by 20,000 times in experimental tests. Micarox™ contains the following volcanic ionic minerals:

PPM Dosage in mg/tsp (4.92ml)
Iron............................... 1,260.0 ...................6.20
Magnesium.................... 416.00 ...................2.05
Potassium...................... 207.0 ...................1.02
Calcium......................... 26.3 ...................0.13
Phosphorus................... 23.8 ...................0.12
Manganese.................... 21.9 ...................0.11
Sodium........................ 15.4 ...................0.08
Zinc............................. 2.0 ...................0.01

Additionally contains up to 100 natural volcanic trace minerals including Aluminum, Chromium, Cobalt, copper, Germanium, Lanthanum, Lithium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Rubidium, Scandium, Selenium, Silicon, Sulphur, Titanium, Tungsten, Vanadium, Zinconium. As a volcanic natural substance, the mineral composition can slightly vary.

For legal reasons we must state please keep out of the reach of children.

How to use Micarox™

is formulated to mix with water. Once mixed with water, the minerals dissolve and become part of the water. Micarox™ volcanic mica minerals work to purify water.

Dissolved contaminants which exist in the water become visible. They then sink to the bottom of the glass or container and never mix back into the water.
In other words, while in this water they can never dissolver again. In distilled water there should be no contaminants, therefore, there should be no precipitation (contaminants dropping out of the water).

Unfortunately, all the waters such as tap, rivers, lakes, ponds, spring, most bottled waters and bodily water show signs of signs of dissolved contaminants.
Micarox™ is amazing at revealing contamination along with making the water safer, cleaner and healthier to drink.

Micarox™ is used to clean-up the impurities in water and is an outstanding source for a complete matrix of minerals. We believe that the way to health is cleaning the bodily waters of the body and then adding the proper minerals thereby attaining optimum health through cleansing and nutrition.

Add 5 drops per 8oz of water for daily maintenance applications. Dilution rate for Micarox™ is 1 to 1000. 1 ml treats 1 liter of water. A teaspoon treats approximately 1.3 gallons of water. 32 oz bottles treats up to 250 gallons. Depending on water quality it may take additional amounts of Micarox™ and may take 24 to 72 hours to complete agglutination process.

Our volcanic minerals are based on natural fresh water and the natural state of fresh water ecologies. Micarox™ ionic minerals are extracted from the stone that supplies sulfates to springs and the salt of the ocean.

Adding the minerals to the water begins a process by which the oxygen in the water is changed into activated oxygen. Activated oxygen burns up invisible contaminants making them visible and water insoluble or filterable.

The magnetic force of Micarox™ attracts contaminates, gathering them together into larger particulates that are heavier than water, causing them to sink to the bottom (or rise to the top if oxygen bubbling at the bottom is applied in water reclamation).

Micarox™ Volcanic Minerals
do the following:

● Creates an environment that causes anerobic bacteria to self-destruct,
e.g., Ecoli and molds

Eliminate Chlorine, and changes Sodium Fluoride to Calcium Fluoride

Reduce heavy metals such as Mercury, Lead and Arsenic and
render impurities inert

Oxygen is activated

Minerals are needeed to activate the enzymes in our body. Sulfate ionic minerals are also known to support enzymatic functions throughout the body.

Not all minerals are created equally. If minerals are not in the correct form, they can build to toxic levels our bodies. What form of minerals does the body absorb and use most readily and effeciently? Ionic minerals (just as in Bionaid™).

What do you want from your water?
Impurities rendered inert
Oxygen activated
High level of hydration
Eliminate Chlorine and reduces Fluoride
Frequency and energy raised

Caution: Do not use without properly diluting this product as instructed. If more than once ounce is accidentally swallowed without dilution, drink plenty of wter. If product gets into eyes, immediately flush with water. If irritation persists, please immediately seek a medical professional.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Should you have a reduction in or complete elimination of adverse health conditions after using Micarox™ it is totally coincidental, and you should thank your Creator.

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